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Studio Travel Club



About the Studio Travel Club

The Studio Travel Club has been created to inspire lovers of travel with extraordinary travel experiences. The sort of travel you dream about ticking off a bucket list. The sort of travel you want to do before you die! The club also provides a great way to meet like-minded travel companions and share your travel plans with other people who share your passion for travel.

Join the Studio Travel Club today and receive free club membership, invitations to regular club events, exclusive travel discounts and loyalty rewards.

So what's on your travel bucket list? Do you want to dance tango in the streets of Buenos Aires, visit the snow monkeys in Northern Japan or perhaps ride in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti? Share your travel bucket list with us and lets see how we can make your travel dreams a reality! Do it before you die. Now is the time.

Think big and seize the opportunities this wonderful world offers. And when you are ready to take the plunge talk to The Travel Studio about bringing your ultimate travel experience to life.

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